Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully, for it contains relevant information about BelPay use and protection of your personal data. If you do not agree with any of the following, please do not use our website.

By visiting and browsing the BelPay website or by sending us personal information via email or other means provided to website visitors (for example signing up for a newsletter or registering for one of our events), you voluntarily give your consent to BelPay to handle such personal information to the extent allowed by Belgian laws and regulations. Please be aware that electronic letters sent to info(at)BelPay.be arrive at BelPay’s shared mailbox and are subsequently forwarded by a designated staff member to a relevant BelPay specialist. All personal data, business secrets or payment secrets contained in such emails are handled confidentially according to Belgian law (Wet van 8 december 1992 tot bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer ten opzichte van de verwerking van persoonsgegevens), and are recorded and managed for the purpose and for the period determined by the nature of the transaction concerned.

Visitors of BelPay’s website should be aware that BelPay’s Web system records IP addresses for the purposes of identifying potential system threats, safeguarding the integrity of BelPay’s IT system and preparing website visitation statistics. The IP address is a string of numbers assigned to your computer as you browse the web and allows web providers (such as BelPay) to identify your computer. This information is only retained to the extent allowed by law and it will only be combined with other data that might enable BelPay to identify you personally to uncover system violations and identify intruders.