Currency Exchange

  • Best rates, speed, convenience and record keeping.

e-invoicing service for managing Supply Chain Finance

BelPay presents a unique shared e-invoicing/e-finance platform that ensures highly effective management of their working capital and Supply Chain Finance (SCF) with the convenience of integrated payments, while reducing their risks

  • Our value added platform has been developed for the Belgian and EU based SMEs actively engaged in the international trade
  • The shared platform provides substantial additional benefits compared to the conventional e-invoicing services, improving the corporate bottom line
  • For a majority of internationally trading SMEs that do not yet use e-invoicing, BelPay provides a most advanced and fully featured online e-invoicing/e-finance platform that automates
    the whole Supply Chain Finance. In addition to the convenience of effectively managing corporate SCF with the integrated payment options, your company can save on invoice administration
  • There is no need for purchasing, constant upgrading and maintaining an expensive in house corporate IT system that deals with these critical functions
  • For the companies that already use an e-invoicing system, BelPay’s supplemental tailor-made e-financing service might be especially valuable when your company has to handle non mainstream currencies (such as if it purchases from China or sells to Brazil); when there is a requirement for transactional financing (i.e., to finance trans border account payables, or to conduct reverse factoring of accounts receivable); when a vendor asks for a guaranty for a big batch of supplies; if tax agency requires legal validity during audits; or if a large client (like Tesco or Wal-Mart) insists on receiving only ISO standard e-invoices
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Collateral credit line

  • Collateral credit line

International cash and liquidity management

Developing highly individualized written policies and guidelines for the corporate treasuries on international cash and liquidity management

  • For an average exporting/importing company, the service has the potential to pay for itself after the first year of corporate policy development and to start saving currency resources after that (results might vary)
  • Including currency exchange, harnessing currency volatility (hedging), foreign currency term deposits and money transfer
  • Corporate guidelines for transparently managing foreign exchange trading and risk management functions
  • Minimizes the effects of foreign exchange movements and currency translation loss on profit margins and costs
  • Describes how corporation mitigates its cross-border corporate payments risk
  • Defines internal authorization structure and assigns responsibilities and authorization limits to the managers of trading operations
  • Use corporate assets to support better management of cash flows
  • Ensures controls, reporting and review processes to avoid foreign exchange related losses
  • Use corporate assets to support better management of cash flows
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Corporate treasury management

  • Corporate treasury management

Business and captive insurance

  • Assess your risks and insurance needs to protect your business and guarantee its long-standing financial health

Support for client’s fund investing

Managing your money is as important as earning them.  Let us help you make well-informed investment decisions that make sense for your business

  • Improve flexibility and control over the use of your funds and enhance your ability to make timely investment and borrowing decisions
  • We will work with you to customize investment solutions, control risk and produce comprehensive reports that meet the needs of your business and your customers
  • Creating a comprehensive package of investment and trust options for your business
  • Sourcing across the globe for a wide variety of investment alternatives in foreign currencies

Escrow accounts

  • Escrow accounts

Financing receivables

Raising working capital. We help you to realize financing opportunities linked to Supply Chain Finance and reverse factoring transactions

  • E-factoring and reverse factoring, credits and loans
  • Support for revolving credits, term loans, overdrafts and guarantees
  • Financing receivables, inventory and purchase orders can alleviate scarcity of bank credit
  • Bridging loans
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Receivables administration and credit management
  • Improving payment terms of accounts receivables
  • Debt collection and takeover debtor risk

Securities settlement with clearing houses

  • Securities settlement with clearing houses

Export and import letters of credit

  • Export and import letters of credit

Guarantees (applicant and beneficiary)

  • Guarantees (applicant and beneficiary)

Consolidating global banking accounts

Based on your corporate transaction patterns, BelPay offers you a friendly way of managing global financial accounts and consolidating banking statements from your company’s accounts located in different countries

  • Display account balances and transaction details
  • Check deposits, expenses and investments
  • Schedule bill payments, payroll and money transfers
  • Retrieve images of cleared checks
  • Specify account alerts – SMS, email or voice messaging
  • Download banking statements to your accounting/ERP software

Monetizing International Cash and Liquidity Management Service

BelPay guides globally operating banks in their effort to monetize international B2B cash operations

  • Defining and introducing corporate banking services – innovative, highly profitable
  • Addressing corporate banking clients needs with the agile financial engineering and technology-driven models of SCF and international payment services
  • Creating a specialized management platform – in support of SCF and B2B international payments
  • Commencing aggressive marketing/sales campaign – to attract mid-size profitable corporate clients
  • Improving efficiency and margins – by mitigating SCF risks and reducing corporates overhead
  • Assessing and defining client’s internal authorization structure and assigning responsibilities and authorization limits to the managers of corporate trading operations
  • Conducting necessary training – support vital culture change, to evolve to an intrapreneurial organization
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Financial reporting and client analytics

  • Dashboards and balanced scorecards
  • Market segmentation, forecasting and behavioral analysis
  • Sustainable models for outsourced service delivery
  • Balance sheet optimization
  • Audit statements
  • SWIFT reporting
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) reports


Some payment services supported by BelPay are subject to regulatory approval pending (Service Use Disclaimer).