Direct debit transactions

  • BelPay supports ad hoc and grouped direct debit transactions both domestically and internationally
  • Debit your customer’s accounts on a recurring basis, in varied amounts, with various due dates
  • Simplify the management of your account receivables with the pre-authorized Electronic Funds Transfer collection service and consolidate funds against a loan
  • Reduce borrowing and admin time and costs, cash flow uncertainty, and maximize interest – by efficient processing of your recurring receivables
  • Introduce zero-balancing or fixed amount transfers – so that your corporate subsidiary accounts maintain minimum operating balances
  • Reduce clerical effort and errors with online exception management – for dispute resolution, payment tracing and reversals
  • Periodic electronic reporting on all accepted and rejected payments, verification of deposits and an audit trail
  • Can be used as an automated collection facility for a wide range of organizations involved in recurring payments, such as utilities, rental and leasing companies, property managers and condominium corporations, insurance, TV cable and newspaper subscriptions, health clubs, churches and charities
  • See the dramatic difference in the profitability of your global operations – by using BelPay e-invoicing Service for managing Supply Chain Finance

International money transfers

  • International online and wire transfers, and bank drafts in foreign and local currencies – for greater control, risk management and tracking precision
  • Corporate money transfers between accounts that your company, your vendors and clients are holding at various financial institutions across the globe (using SWIFT and SEPA) are supported by BelPay’s automated service that improves quality and reduces errors
  • By special payment instructions, on recurring schedules or in multiple installments

Issuing payment instruments

  • Issuing payment instruments

Credit and standing orders transfers

  • Credit and standing orders transfers

Merchant payment cards

  • Merchant payment cards

Procurement payment cards

  • Procurement payment cards


  • Remittances


Some payment services supported by BelPay are subject to regulatory approval pending (Service Use Disclaimer).