Simplify payment administration, eliminate paper and help environment, achieve painless audits and reduce overhead costs – by sending, receiving and actively managing professionally looking invoices online

  • Full workflow of all B2B and B2C online managed transactions
  • E-invoice integration with Supply Chain Finance (SCF), banking, corporate epayment services and multi-currency accounts – effectively manage your business cash flow and reconcile multi-currency receivables
  • Multi-language services
  • Save time by creating a customizable invoice template
  • When creating a new invoice from the template, conveniently select items from a predefined list of vendors, products and services
  • Instant e-invoice delivery and receive notifications – get paid fast
  • Calculation and rapid recovery of sales and value added taxes at numerous jurisdictions
  • Invoices paid one-time, by special payment instructions, on recurring schedules or in multiple installments; online or with paper pay stubs
  • Multi-user accountability environment – access control for authorized managers
  • Tampering protection and automatic validation of electronic signatures – BelPay’s digitally signed e-invoices have full legal validity and thus can be guaranteed for many years if audited by the tax agency
  • Track invoices and send automated payment reminders for due invoices
  • Secure messaging and sensitive documents transfer
  • Cumulative up to date and archived reports on sales and payments, per supplier and in total
  • Sales and purchase ledgers; Summary of invoicing activity report; Accounts receivable aging; Payment request activity and payment status; Suppliers invoice history reports; Linking to the corporate cash position
  • Automatic recording of accounting entries for every invoice sent
  • Reduce clerical effort and errors with rapid and effective online exception management – for dispute resolution, payment tracing and reversals
  • Credit requests; Access to international Company Registers and pan-European public procurement network
  • Document exporting to any system of choice

Cross-national payroll services

Easily manage all aspects of the transnational payroll and remittances, including guidance on payroll legislation, taxes, payroll deductions, group savings plans, comprehensive reporting and banking options at various jurisdictions

  • Input your payroll data and process your payroll on the Web
  • Support multinational divisions with one payroll solution
  • Set up payroll for defined periods
  • Pay your employees with direct deposit or by check
  • Issue additional debit cards for their family remittances
  • Provide flexibility of online display and printing of their detailed payment/tax statements and records of employment
  • Manage payments for independent contractors
  • Establish connections with your corporate ERP/accounting and HR system

SME accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing

  • SME accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing

BelPay Payments Process Accelerators

  • Using BelPay Business Process Modeling (BPM) practices – to accelerate value creation
  • Rapidly defining and optimizing business and international payments/liquidity management requirements
  • Using BelPay BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Management Notation) templates that facilitate business process design and implementation
  • Capable of agile capturing and documenting complex international payments and liquidity management processes
  • Quickly analyses and identifies potential monetizing benefits in your payments value chain
  • BPMN 2.0 provides a standard notation for process improvement – readily understood by all business stakeholders worldwide, including your vendors and clients

Banking grade ICT systems for SMEs

  • Developed in Canada, original, highly powerful, low cost, banking-grade Windows/Intel ICT payment support platform that provides online managed services – ensuring full data separation, tight control and privacy of client’s records (even from its own tech support personnel!)
  • Inexpensive and powerful Windows-based banking, corporate treasury and Payment Service Delivery (PSD) transactional platform approved for use in some EU and international banks
  • A banking grade ICT system is necessary for sustaining security of all Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature applications installed on the corporate network
  • For more information, click here

Banking, PSD and treasury management software

  • Banking, PSD and treasury management software

Banking grade security and privacy support for SMEs

  • Banking grade security and privacy support for SMEs

Trust and privacy protection services

  • Trust and privacy protection services

Data authentication

  • Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature services

Data storage/processing

  • Data storage/processing

Documentary collections

Electronic image archiving

  • Front and back of cleared checks
  • Paper invoices or bills
  • Purchase orders
  • Account and payment statements

Assisting with the reconciliation and responding to customer inquiries

Supply chain finance

  • Supporting and optimizing high-performing supply chains that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets

Financial software escrow

  • Financial software escrow

Virtual data room

  • Share electronic proprietary documents covering individual deals, joint ventures, partnerships, M&As, raising capital, debt restructuring, private equity and fundraising, without the need for couriers or faxes
  • Prevent information leaks when exchanging sensitive information with your business partners
  • Paper invoices or bills
  • Host audit documentation
  • Ensure mobile access to sensitive data rather than keep them on tablet computers that can be lost or stolen
  • To limit risk, access might be further restricted by date/time, IP address or a type of document

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquisitions and divestments
  • Leverage buyouts

Commercial arbitration

  • Commercial arbitration


Some payment services supported by BelPay are subject to regulatory approval pending (Service Use Disclaimer).