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About BelPay

BelPay offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to commonly experienced administrative challenges in support of international trade. Our tailor-made services support your company’s supply chain management, corporate treasury and various functions related to payment services in international transactions. Through extensive technical and financial research we are able to suggest to enterprises the latest and most advanced means of managing cross-border transactions.

BelPay conducts a range of traditional and novel business-to-business payment support services, primarily for mid-size enterprises involved in international trade across the European Union. BelPay also markets world class value-added solutions complementary to business and financial services through commercial and technical collaboration with the leading banks and payments infrastructure throughout the EU and abroad.

Conveniently located in the heart of Europe, our primary goal is to help easing international business transactions.
Our headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium. Our advanced financial analytical and technical research facilities are placed in Canada and other countries.